Throughout the years there have been a handful of photographers who have molded the ways in which the medium of photography has become an art. Each photographer left his imprint on photography, forever changing the ways in which people study, practice, enjoy and embrace the field. From the early photographers, who established the initial path that photography would follow, to the photographers of today, who are... Read more >


As photographers know, the art of photography is evolving at a rapid pace. Today, photographers must know not only about film-based cameras and traditional techniques but also digital cameras, photo editing software, stock photography and more. In this section, we'll tell you all you need to know about photography, from taking black-and-white photos to selecting photography equipment. Read on to get photography... Read more >

Man Ray

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Jean Baudrillard

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William Wegman


What is microphotography? Today, microphotography is taking pictures of very, very small objects using a camera, a computer, and a microscope. The goal is to capture images of subjects that can't be seen by the naked eye.Microscopes and cameras are an integral part of microphotography. A microscope, combined with microscopy camera, equal microscopy imaging.Who first figured out that you can magnify an object using... Read more >


Portraiture, a style of photography that captures images of people, usually focuses on the face, although it may include a person's entire head and shoulders or even the entire body. However, when people think of portraiture photography, they generally think of pictures that focus primarily on the subject's face. Portraiture Photography through the Ages Portraiture photography's roots go back to painted... Read more >